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Digital Radiometer/Photometer

Features an advanced microprocessor-controlled readout unit with a dual-wavelength sensor detector to measure both ultraviolet and visible light.

  • Large, easy-to-read LCD screen

  • Provides readouts for UV-A, visible irradiance or radiance

  • Overall accuracy greater than + 5% per NIST standards

  • Choice of direct or USB cable connection between sensor detector and readout unit

  • Automatic zeroing, integration and signal hold

  • Excellent cosine response

  • User-defined power save and automatic shutoff

  • Rugged meter housing features removable, protective rubber boot for better grip and to help prevent accidental breakage

  • Sealed sensor housing and USB connection with water-resistant adapter

  • Compact, lightweight and battery-operated for convenient use in the factory, field or anywhere measurements are needed

  • Complies with ASTM specifications for MPI and FPI

  • Comes complete with readout unit, dual-wavelength sensor detector, USB cable with water-resistant adapter, protective rubber boot, two 9V alkaline batteries and padded carrying case.

XR-1000 readout unit with dual-wavelength
sensor detector connected directly to unit

XR-1000 readout unit with dual-wavelength
sensor detector connected to unit via USB cable


The new Type 2000 Magnetic Stripe Card instantly evaluates magnetic particle inspection baths and powders – quantitatively, repeatably and reliably. This reusable tool tests all materials anytime, anywhere. Contact United Testing Systems today for more information or visit our web page to see our full range of powders for MPI.

The New Sure Way to Test The Type 2000 MSC is the only tool for MPI material testing that does not depend on any type of magnetization process to generate its readings. Type 2000 utilizes a unique and sophisticated encoding process that is highly controlled and extremely consistent from card-tocard and run-to-run. The entire issue of proper magnetization is eliminated. Sensitivity of a suspension is demonstarted instantly and the smooth surface of the card demonstrates the "water break" characteristics of the suspension.

Getting Started To prepare the Type 2000, gently wipe the card clean with a soft cloth or paper towel. All readings are fail-safe; in the unlikely event that the card has been altered or de-encoded there will be no discernible pattern of indications on the stripe. Simply expose the card to suspensions or powder, then make and record observations.* Observations are quantifiable, repeatable and reproducible-ideal for documentation for ISO and other Quality Program requirements. All of this is provided for a fraction of the cost of other test pieces! Taking Your Reading The card can be exposed to fluid suspensions by dipping the card in the bath or pouring the bath over the card, and allowing excess fluid to flow off. Observations can be made immediately; the fluid may be allowed to evaporate off for permanent recording purposes with transparent tape. For dry powders "puff" the powder onto the stripe and gently remove the excess powder to make observations.

Measuring the Results Using the scales printed next to the stripe, observe the number of visible indications. The "double swipe" stripes are nearmirror images of each other. Readings from the two tracks may be averaged to ascertain a sensitivity rating. A gross difference in readings indicates that the stripes were not exposed uniformly and that the test should be performed again. Documentation Permanent documentation is easy. Firmly press transparent tape over the dried indications and transfer the tape to form 93-MSC-1. Records can be used to document bath conditions, make on-site bath standards and other purposes.

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